DJ and producer Sean Quinn from Australia is in business since 1994 spinning the wheels of steel.

In 1994, Sean got together in the studio with friend and fellow DJ C.J. Dolan to see what the two could create. About a month later, Sean’s partner in Our House, Kasey Taylor, was brought in and over a period of three solid weeks their first single as Quench,”Feel my love”, was completed.

The boys shopped it around to various local record companies with an offer finally being taken up from Melbourne based ‘Vicious Vinyl’ and English label ‘Pulse 8’. Achieving marginal success in the English underground dance charts the next step was to take Quench further.

Reverting back to the original line up, Sean and CJ next created the monster track, ‘Dreams’. It went to no. 2 in the French pop charts above Mariah Carey, was released on over fifty seperate dance compilations in every continent on the globe, and gained an A.R.I.A nomination. Following ‘Dreams’, two more singles, an album, and an extensive touring roster including support for the Prodigy (6,000 people) and a headline ‘Thunderdome’ gig in Brisbane (8,000 people) came from Sean’s involvement with the talented CJ Dolan and the Quench project.

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